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The LCPE Portal

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Anything and everything a student or teacher will need 

to succeed with LCPE

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PowerPoint Lesson Presentations

Printable Worksheets

Physical Activity Project Tutorials

Performance Assessment Preparation

Exam Question Walkthroughs

Student Notes Organiser

Topic Revision Videos

Flashcard Pack

20 Hours of Masterclass Replays

Member Benefits:

School packages with unlimited accounts just €120/year


The LCPE Portal by The PE Tutor has been designed in line with the most recent Leaving Certificate Physical Education specification, for teaching from September 2020 onwards. Its purpose is to equip all teachers and students completing the LCPE, with every resource they’ll need to succeed. It is the all-in-one solution for schools delivering the course for the first time and in need of ready-to-go resources from day one.


The LCPE Portal contains:

  • Teaching and learning resources (PowerPoints, activity sheets, flashcards, AfL tasks, videos) 

  • Physical Activity Project (PAP) writing tutorials

  • Exam question walkthroughs

  • Theory content summary videos

  • Full-length topic lessons

  • Anatomy fundamentals section


Upon registration, the teacher and students will gain access to their own password-protected portal linked to their school email address. Once inside they can access all of the resources any time, anywhere and as often as required.

Access In School

Care has been taken to ensure resources are hosted online, using software schools are accustomed to accessing in line with their intranet network permissions. The benefit of this is that your LCPE Portal will be kept updated in line with any changes and developments that will likely occur in the initial years of the course, allowing you to provide current, up-to-date learning opportunities every lesson.

Portal 4-Part Structure

The LCPE Portal is structured in a way to support teachers and students in the 3 assessment areas, with a newly added 4th Zone; Anatomy Fundamentals, to bridge the gap between any missed prior learning and the LCPE Syllabus:


  • Physical Activity Project

  • Written Examination

  • Performance Assessment

  • Anatomy Fundamentals

PAP Zone

In this zone, lesson topics include How to analyse performance, How to identify performance goals, How to evidence ongoing training, How to effectively reflect on progress, How to conclude a performance analysis.


The writing frameworks and student learning tasks included, help teachers to structure their medium term planning to ensure both coursework and theory content is taught side by side on a logical timeline that allows for sufficient assessment for learning cycles prior to submission deadlines, as well as adequate time for exam preparation. With this system, students in the LCPE Portal will benefit from applying their theoretical understanding within practical settings.


Performance Assessment Zone

The guidance included in this zone provides teachers and students a clear overview of how performance analysis assessments take place, what skills and qualities need to be refined, and how best to evidence demonstrations of their high-quality performances.


The lessons take them through how to train and prepare for their assessment, how to structure conditioned drills to illicit good skill demonstration and research activities into the rules, regulations and conduct code of their sport which will inform their tactical and strategic decisions during performance. 





Written Examination

This zone contains ready-to-use lesson powerpoints and student activity sheets for every sub-section in Topics 1-10 across Strand 1 and 2. Teachers will be equipped to deliver any part of the course, at any point in the year, allowing for versatility when performance analysis or practical sessions may demand some theory content to be delivered out of sync from the rest.


Students can benefit from a flipped-learning approach as they can access the same resources as the teacher, including content slides, flashcards, revision videos, topic quizzes, exam question walkthroughs and full-length masterclasses. Teachers are able to direct students to a new topic for home-learning prior to teaching it in class, or highlight topics for revision in light of scheduled assessment practice.

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